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Are you in need of a social event planning service? At Festa Planning, we specialize in translating your vision into a memorable design and experience for your guests. Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, open houses, holiday parties, fundraisers, reunions and even pool parties or picnics can become a full-time planning venture without the right help.

Leave the social event planning to Festa Planning, and you can focus your energy and time on more important things so you can truly enjoy your social event.

Some social events are meant to celebrate a specific event, such as a Bar Mitzvah; others are meant to celebrate friendship and allow the attendants and host to simply enjoy each other’s company, such as a summer pool party. If you’d like to reconnect with old friends or simply create a great excuse to socialize and have some fun, contact Festa Planning today about your social event planning needs. Perhaps you have a theme, location or design in mind for your social event; in this case, Festa Planning will help you make it come to life without the hassle of planning it alone. Or, you can let the professionals at Festa Planning create a social event and perfect reason to get together with friends and family, planning a theme, design and event activities from scratch. Let Festa Planning make you look good at your social event, and we’ll let you take the credit!